Angular 2 Multiselect component



import {Multiselect} from './multiselect';

                selector: 'demo-component',
                directives: [Multiselect]

            export default class DemoComponent {
                multiselectModel: Array<any> = [];
                parentCompoentMethod(multiselectModel: any) {
                    this.multiselectModel1 = multiselectModel;

API Documentation

Attribute Name Type Description
multiple true/false If value is true we can select many items, if false only one item
collection array A list of objects for multiselect
label string Key of a object which will be displayed for item
header string Header of multiselect (Default value 'Select')
mutiselectModel array/object Value of model from used component
modelUpdated function Function from used compoent which will update 'multiselectModel' value


The MIT License (MIT)